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Going to Urgent Care:


If you need an immediate appointment when the office is closed, such as for strep test, ear infection or rule out fracture, please see an urgent care center.


I recommend Rex Express Care, Wakemed Accent Urgent Care or Duke Urgent Care  

CVS Minute Clinic is also good if you are a young healthy person with an acute problem or if you need certain vaccines.  


Triangle Orthopaedic (now known as Emerge Ortho)has urgent cares to check for acute musculoskeletal injuries. 


Sometimes you are suffering too much to wait until the next day or you are worried that your status could worsen or your schedule is too busy to make an advanced appointment during our hours. That is a good time to go to an urgent care. 


Going to the emergency department:


If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.  Examples are: suspected heart attack, trouble breathing, stroke, possible appendicitis, suicidal feelings or overdose, hemorrhage/bleeding, worst headache of your life, broken bone/major trauma, venomous bite, swollen or cold limb on one side, mental status change. If you have a question, please call me first as an urgent call. Do not go to an urgent care or small emergency care that is not connected to a hospital if you have these problems. 




Phone: (919) 468-6820

Fax: (919) 468-6484 (Shah and Associates fax)

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