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Prescriptions and Refills


  • Prescriptions/doctor orders should be obtained at appointments.


  • If you are requesting a refill between appointments, contact us online or by voicemail leaving the details of your situation. Once you have personally contacted us, we will take care of it and only call you if there is a problem. Contact your pharmacy to see if the refill is ready.


  • We will not respond to mail order faxes if we have not heard from you.
  • Hard copy prescriptions or forms will not be mailed. If you need anything written, please pick it up at the front desk. 


**If you have not been seen in the last 13 months, we cannot even send a temporary supply until we see you. Depending on the nature of the medication, we may be able to do an e-visit or telemedicine visit if you are unable to come in at some time prior to the 13 months passing.

**If it is two or more medications at once, we will also need to see you prior to doing refills. 



  • We will not send controlled substance prescriptons to mail order pharmacies. 


  • New antibiotic prescriptions require an in-office appointment. Keep in mind that for healthy people (non-smoker and no heart, lung, liver, kidney problems, no diabetes or asthma/emphysema or immune suppression), greater than 90% of fevers, sore throats, minor earaches, pink eye, bronchitis and colds are viral illnesses that don't require an antibiotic or an appointment. Just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol, drink fluids and get a lot of sleep if you have a viral cold illness. Colds can last 1-2 weeks as long as you are functioning and your status is not worsening. 
  • We'd be glad to evaluate you if you are unsure of your condition. 


  • We do not prescribe narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain nor start people on chronic sleeping pills such as benzodiazepines or Ambien due to the unsafe nature of these agents


  • ADD/ADHD medication requires a full psychological evaluation from a specialist or comprehensive testing by the school system. Whether we would refill medication for Adult ADD or recommend that a psychiatrist manage it, is determined on a case by case basis based on review of previous records (which we must have in possession), how well/how long we've known you, other medicines you take, current vital signs, propensity for drug abuse and other medical conditions you have. This is not a reflection or comment on whether or not you need this medication but just a judgement call on the best/safest management strategy. 




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